The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) welcomes all Veterans, families, caregivers, and survivor beneficiaries, including diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. LGBTQ+ Veterans have faced stigma and discrimination, which can affect health. As a healthcare institution, we need to make sure that LGBTQ+ Veterans know that they are welcome at Veterans Health Administration (VHA). 

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To integrate military and civilian resources through one central location providing efficient and effective support and fellowship for Veterans, active duty, reserves, guards and their families. East Texas Veterans Directory

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Post-traumatic stress disorder is particularly common in military veterans as a result of traumatizing experiences. It can cause symptoms involving memories, mood, and behavior. Veterans can apply for VA disability benefits to receive compensation and assistance.
American Veterans for Equal RightsAVER Veterans Affairs is dedicated to advocating and serving the needs of America’s LGBT armed forces veterans with information, referral, and limited legal consultation regarding VA benefits claims. AVER