(Yes, I used the pie picture)Anita Bryant1940-Anti-gay Activist"In the 1970s, Bryant became known as an outspoken opponent of gay rights in the U.S. In 1977, she ran the "Save Our Children" campaign to repeal a local ordinance in Miami-Dade County, Florida, that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."How it affects us today.The pieWiki
Nazi Book BurningLGBTQ+ books were the first targeted by the Nazis. Looting of The Institute of SexologyBigotry and Nationalism
Fred PhelpsWestboro Baptist Church1929-2014"...American minister and disbarred lawyer...he gained national attention for his homophobic views and protests near the funerals of gay people, AIDS victims, military veterans, and disaster victims..."Southern Poverty Law CenterWikiWestboro Baptist Church Wiki